2020 NBA Draft: The Big Board

Three notes: I only scouted and projected players who played NCAA D1 Basketball in the 2019-2020 season. The top of this draft has many players who did not play NCAA Basketball. They are omitted only because I did not scout them, and I have no opinion on them. Major conference prospects in bold, mid-major prospects…

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The 2019 NBA Draft Series

My 2019 NBA Draft Series was written for The Painted Lines. You can find the 2019 Big Board here. The Big Board has links to the rest of the draft series.

2018 NBA Draft: Big Board

As you can tell from the lone article preceding this, I have not spent as much time with this draft as previous drafts. Part of that is due to my general disenchantment with NBA Draft analysis. But perhaps a bigger part of it is that, in no uncertain terms, this draft is bad. That doesn’t…

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The Big Board 2017

Going to keep the introduction as brief as possible here. I suggest you read all the articles leading up to this: Reference Series: Age Reference Series: Defense Reference Series: The Eye Test Making a big board is hard Lessons from other leagues Players are classified in the following positions: -Primary: typical point guard role –…

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2016: The Big Board

(This article initially appeared at DeepishThoughts and is reproduced here for completeness only.) IT’S TIME FOR THE 2016 BIG BOARD!! GET HYPED!! I lied. Before I get to the Big Board, I’m going to include here a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve written over the course of this draft series and some other information…

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2015 EP Series – 2015 Big Board

That’s right, it’s the DuckyNinja Big Board! You will disagree with most of these rankings! All I can do is explain them to the best of my ability. Remember, it’s basically impossible to project these guys anyway, so declaring with any kind of certainty where a player should be ranked is a fool’s exercise. These…

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2014 Big Board

Last week I posted my draft projection system. This week brings the current version of my big board. I am still making small changes every day. You will disagree with the placement of many players. This draft has a lot of players with a lot of varying opinions. This draft also has a lot of…

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