Multistat Advanced Comparison (MAC)

Okay, so, not writing a full article or a draft series article this week.  Why?  Well, I got a spreadsheet with a whole lot of cool information and I’ve been messing around with it.  This is very much a work in progress, so by all means, throw suggestions at me.  I have way way way more information on this spreadsheet (pretty much every advanced stat from ESPN, BB-Ref, and 82Games) and plan on working with it more over the offseason.  So take this as a first draft or something.

Link to Spreadsheet

So, just a basic explanation here.  I took BPM, RPM, and WS/48 split in to their offensive and defensive components.  Now, the biggest problem with those stats, as I’ve written about before, is that there’s no positional adjustment, which means you can’t compare between positions.  So the A stats are the advanced stats adjusted for position.  BPM and RPM are very similar stats on basically the same scale, so I then modified (M) the WS/48A stats to just scale them up to the same scale as BPM and RPM.  Because there are two box plus minus stats and only one WS based stat, MAC is (BPMA+RPMA+2WS48AM)/4.  This is pretty simple all things considered.

What are the strengths? Well, these stats have a few strengths.  For one, they’re designed to allow comparison between positions with any of these stats.  For another, they combine two very different types of stats, giving a final product that hopefully gives a better look.  I will be eventually creating a bigger overall comparison stat, but that can wait for another time.  Starting off small here.

What are the weaknesses?  Well, pretty much anything that is team or role dependent.  I don’t know how to really adjust for those things at this point, so I’m just not.  I’m open to suggestions.  The problem is things like games started or on/off still don’t help all that much, because they don’t get close to stripping team-dependent effects.

Again, input is greatly appreciated.  I’ll be returning to the draft series next week.