Dinner with the Sixers

This isn’t part of my draft series, but the Sixers held a little shindig tonight – I think they called it Basketball and Business with Bryan Colangelo? something like that – and I was able to go. Just a few quick hitters regarding his comments (and mine!), most of these will probably only be interesting to Sixers fans.

  • The biggest takeaway, to me, is that most rumors we hear do not come from the GM’s office because they violate the tampering rules.  He was very careful not to say anything that could be considered tampering.  You could tell he definitely wanted to say more, but he couldn’t.  He did specifically shoot down the Noel/Teague rumor, and mentioned that he spoke with Okafor about the Okafor rumors, although tellingly, he didn’t outright deny them.  Regardless, take all draft rumors with a mountain of salt – they’re probably not true.
  • Colangelo said the Sixers will not trade the #1 pick.  While I think that’s a little close-minded (of course the right deal could get the #1 pick), it certainly seemed like no deal came along that piqued their interest.  He mentioned that Simmons, Ingram, Dunn, and Brown were in the conversation for #1, but also hinted that he already knew who they were taking.  That leads me to believe that they’re in talks to acquire another high pick, but that’s pure conjecture from me.
  • Colangelo said that he considers there to be three defensive positions: guard, wing, and big.  He says that positions are defensive and are not always tied to offense.  Specifically mentioned that Simmons would be a primary ballhandler, which is extremely heartening (you know, as long as they take him).
  • “Cautiously optimistic that Saric will be over soon.”
  • “Joel is a monster.”
  • Colangelo brought up the fact that he won the division with Toronto.  He was clearly unamused when my question asked him what he learned from the fact that he never won a playoff series in Toronto.  Don’t brag if you can’t back it up!
  • Marc Zumoff was there as the moderator.  He seemed happy when I complimented him on his Union commentary.
  • Colangelo pointed out Ned Cohen, but few people (other than me) seemed particularly interested in him.  Not sure why.  Very nice guy, very happy to chat. I was surprised more people weren’t trying to talk to him.

Fun night, great dinner.  Got to tell my season ticket rep straight up that I’m in for season tickets if they draft Simmons and trade Okafor.  One can only hope.